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Note: You can access this item in Your Software Library The number of computers eligible for installation may vary. Solution 2: You can try to change the password in the how to hide folder options (settings) to the one you used to lock the folder, and then try to unlock your folder. How to Securely Store Files in Windows will take you through the steps to create a really secure folder (using free software). Changing protected files: To change a protected file or folder, you must first unprotect it, edit it, and then protect it again.folder protector free

Then whenever you need to access protected files, you can re-download the program from this page , enter the password and access your protected files. Someone could comprise the folder is to open the batch file and read your password to Right-click on the file and choose Edit. As previously mentioned, protect dvd most popular versions of Windows are utterly devoid of any folder-specific protections. It also comes with extra features compared to Cryptkeeper such as the ability to auto-mount folders at startup which is particularly useful if you use it with other cloud-synced folders such as Dropbox.

On the Data Files tab, click the Personal Folders file (.pst) for which you want to create a password, and then click Settings to open the Personal Folders dialog box. Locking up folders on my machine was somehow possible but to lock folders on an external media was not feasible as in order to unlock them I was supposed privacy protection to have the respective tool with me. Thanks to this tiny yet extremely powerful Folder Key tool which I easily carry on my USB device. The password is always required to open locked folders, even if your drive is plugged in another PC. But I just opened the hidden folder just now, and it is not asking for my password!

This allows for the flexibility to store and port data on removable media like Zip disks, tape drives, removable drives (Flash Disks, USB drives, pen drives etc.). It also allows users to password protect files and folders on CD’s DVD’s etc. Step-3: Right-click on this folder (ABC) and select the option Send To -> Compressed (zipped) Folder. And I believe that Protected Folder will ward off most attacks (booting off of a Linux live CD might do the trick, for example). It doesn’t organize your files, it doesn’t protect your passwords, and there’s no file shredder.

All you have to do is launch it, select the folder you want to lock, enter a password twice and press Protect. It’s all folders or nothing and you need to enter the password to open Outlook. Kakasoft Advanced Folder Encryption is one of excellent file/folder encryption programs, you can download the trial version to have a try. It’s built in data recovery feature can help users retrieve deleted files and folders. So now your top level of the USB drive should have tens if not hundreds of random folders and files. Encrypted data can only be viewed, accessed, browsed or modified by the user who has the password to open it. At other times, the files are totally locked and hidden and totally inaccessible. To access it, press Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog, type into it, and press Enter.


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