Google Launches USB Security Key For Super

I will show you how to make a super, unhackable USB drive. It will be of no use to anyone but you, and even usb lock if someone had access to government grade hacking software, they would not be able to access the data.

The only reasons I uninstalled was because it is just too much. I just wanted something smaller and simpler. It is also a pain when it flags everything infected or not. I will stick with protect usb my McShield. Unfortunately CNET doesn’t offer it. You can read about and download MCShield from That said USB Disk Security is pretty nice and I’m sure will serve many people well.usb security token

Even though people realize that, they still don’t take the proper steps to keep USB devices safe, says Robert Siciliano, CEO of IDTheftSecurity, a Boston Internet security consulting firm. Either they don’t lock usb think it will happen to them or they aren’t willing or able to pay for extra security. That’s insane in this day and age when data is becoming the new currency for the criminal hacker,” Siciliano says.